Scott Stark AFA VP Elect      Stefan Krompier AFA Pres. Elect

Dear colleague,

Scott Stark and I have won the election for AFA President and Vice President and will take office January 1, 2015. We are committed to reinforcing and enhancing the ground breaking unprecedented gains made by our courageous leaders over the past forty four years. With your input and involvement, we will bring the AFA to new heights.

We wish to thank everyone who participated in this election. To those whom we did not win over, I look forward to hearing your concerns and your vision for the future of our great union. I want you to know that the door to the AFA is always open and the welcome mat is there for every person that approaches that door. I thank Charlie and Bob for their many years of service to the AFA. I also thank the Tellers Committee, Frank Reiser, Susan Mithchel and Jerry Schwartz for their service at yesterday’s vote count. Their professionalism and devotion to detail over the six plus hour vote count is to be applauded.

During the campaign we heard many speak of the widespread apathy throughout our union. We must disagree with those views. When we think of the member who stayed up late into the night drafting a constitutional voting reform proposal and the countless members who strongly supported that reform and tirelessly pushed for that reform to be put in place, I witnessed passion. When Paul and Michael chose to run for office in order to affect change I witnessed resolve and determination. Every time Richard Erben clarified the issues, often under great duress, throughout this grueling campaign I witnessed courage. Then, when those 35 men and women took on the fight for several hundred members in a successful attempt to maintain everyone's voting rights, we witnessed unity and solidarity. To those who profess the AFA is dead, we let you know that its heart is beating very strong. Moreover, in the months ahead, it will be pounding its chest once again as it becomes the mighty force it once was.

The union is not the executive board, it is the collective brilliance of all our members; this is our union. From the technical assistant who is starting for the very first day to the full professor who has been here for thirty years, every voice counts and every individual will be heard. Our greatest asset is found in our members. We have accountants, attorneys, researchers, artists, scientists, business professionals, marketers, writers, and so many others. This collective talent, one in which I will call upon, is the heartbeat of our union.

Together, we will do something great!

With sincerity and humility,

Stefan Krompier

AFA President Elect 

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